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Individual Self Certification

These forms are for indidivuals who may be new hires or employees of a businesses seeking to identify themselves as a section 3 business to uncover their Section 3 status. Individuals seeking to apply for a PRDOH position should use the PRDOH self certification form.

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Individual Information

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2019 Household Size and Income Levels

HUD has released and made available the 2019 HUD Household Income Limits for all Municipalities for CDBG-DR. Using the table below, please confirm whether your income limit is at or below a Household size of one (1) and verify if you meet the income limit listed. If yes, check the “Yes” box, if not, check the “No” box and provide a response at the bottom of the form.

Household member
Review the HUD 2019 Individual Annual Income Qualifications.
Does your income meet the limit outlined?
Confirm which type of evidence you are providing.
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This Section 3 Resident Certification is valid for a period of three (3) years


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I authorize the information above to be added to a database of Section 3 Residents that will enable me to receive notice of employment opportunities with the PRDOH and with future Section 3 covered projects. I understand the Section 3 Resident list may provide additional employment opportunities, however inclusion on that list does not guarantee employment. I further understand that this list may be accessed by PRDOH staff, and developers and contractors working on Section 3 covered projects for the PRDOH. Nevertheless, no personal information will be made available to the developers, contractors, or public.


Please follow the instructions contained within the form for submission.