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The following section contains descriptive information about the programs operating under the CDBG-DR Funds. For a complete review of the programs, click on the “view details” link.

*Date format mm/dd/yyyy.

Construction and Commercial Revolving Loan Program
$100,000,000 02/21/2019 Economy
Economic Development Investment Portfolio for Growth Program
$800,000,000 02/21/2019 Economy
Re-grow PR Urban-Rural Agriculture Program
$92,500,000 02/21/2019 Economy
Small Business Financing Program
$225,000,000 05/15/2020 Economy
Small Business Incubators and Accelerators Program
$35,000,000 07/06/2020 Economy
Strategic Projects and Commercial Redevelopment Program
$0 02/21/2019 Economy
Tourism & Business Marketing Program
$25,000,000 02/21/2019 Economy
Workforce Training Program
$40,000,000 03/26/2020 Economy

* High Risk Areas
* LMI – Low to Moderate Income
* AMFI – Average Median Family Income