Program Assignment Description General guidelines Program guidelines
Whole Community Resilience Planning $55,000,000 This program will seek to create recovery solutions by increasing individual and collective preparation for future events and ensuring greater resilience at community and national level. Cross Cutting Guidelines
Agency Planning Initiatives $50,000,000 This program will create and build property datasets across the island, and ensure that land use is properly permitted, planned, inspected, secured and visible to municipalities. Cross Cutting Guidelines
Economic Recovery Planning $22,500,000 This program will create strategies for job creation through advocacy and communication, efficient public service delivery, business creation and public investment. Cross Cutting Guidelines
Home Resilience Innovation Competition $5,750,000 This program will develop an energy innovation competition to provide solutions to address the generation and storage of renewable energy. Cross Cutting Guidelines
Program Assignment Description General Guidelines Program guidelines
Home Repair, Reconstruction, or Relocation Program $2,175,570,050 This program will provide assistance to eligible homeowners to repair damaged homes or rebuild substantially damaged homes in non-hazard areas. Eligible homeowners with damaged homes in a hazard zone will be offered relocation assistance. Cross Cutting Guidelines R3 Program Guidelines (V2.0)
R3 Program Guidelines (V1.0)
Title Clearance Program $40,000,000 This program will legitimize homeowners titles in areas impacted by the hurricane, providing sustainability and security to residents. Cross Cutting Guidelines
Social Interest Housing (Homeless, Domestic Violence) $32,500,000 This program will create housing opportunities for citizens with special needs (homeless, domestic violence). Cross Cutting Guidelines
Housing Counseling Program $17,500,000 This program will provide recovering residents with educational services to promote understanding of housing and financial options. Cross Cutting Guidelines
CDBG-DR Gap to Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) $400,000,000 This program will provide gap funding, for properties being developed with low income tax credits. Cross Cutting Guidelines LIHTC Guidelines
Exhibit B
Rental Assistance Program $10,000,000 This program will provide rental assistance to residents of that are homeless or at risk of being homeless. Cross Cutting Guidelines
Mortgage Catch-up
$0 This program will provide mortgage payment assistance for up to 100% of the principal, interest, tax, and insurance on arrears for up to 12 months (dating back to the time of hurricane impact) as indicated in the monthly mortgage statement. Cross Cutting Guidelines
Community Energy and Water Resilience Installations $436,000,000 This program will provide homeowners or tenants with a voucher for gas or solar-powered water heater, and/or gas stove, and related facilities in the event of power failure. The larger-scale longer-term component of this program, will entail energy and water resilience installations. Cross Cutting Guidelines
Multi-family Reconstruction, Repair & Resilience $300,000,000 This program will supply funding for necessary expenses related to long-term recovery and restoration of multifamily housing and support code compliance updates in existing building. Cross Cutting Guidelines
Homebuyer Assistance $350,000,000 This program will provide to eligible applicants the closing cost assistance (Title insurance, mortgage insurance premium, etc.), down payment assistance and/or soft second mortgage, to assist with the gap between the amount of first mortgage the household is able to obtain from a lender and the purchase price of a home. This program will seek to target critical recovery workforce sectors, recognizing the importance of first responders, teachers, healthcare workers and medical personnel, and law enforcement. Cross Cutting Guidelines
Program Assignment Description General guidelines Program guidelines
Small Business Financing $200,000,000 This program will provide eligible businesses with grant and loan options to assist with storm recovery and business expansion. Cross Cutting Guidelines
Small Business Incubators and Accelerators $35,000,000 This program will provide funding for the creation or rehabilitation of business incubators and accelerators to promote growth and success of businesses. Cross Cutting Guidelines
Workforce Training Program $20,000,000 This program will help unemployed and underemployed residents find employment by providing job training in skill areas related to recovery efforts. Cross Cutting Guidelines
Construction and Commercial Revolving Loan $100,000,000 This program will provide local contractors access to capital to build reconstruction capacity and maximize the amount of funds circulating in the island’s economy. Cross Cutting Guidelines
Tourism & Business Marketing Program $25,000,000 This program will develop an integral market effort to promote off-island that the area is open for business and tourism. Cross Cutting Guidelines
Strategic Projects and Commercial Redevelopment $150,000,000 This program will provide the acquisition, construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation, or installation of commercial or industrial buildings, structures, and other real property equipment and improvements. Cross Cutting Guidelines
Economic Development Investment Portfolio for Growth $800,000,000 This program will establish the funding of projects that will significantly impact and enable the long-term economic growth and sustainability of the island. It will also have the capacity to be a funding stream for projects determined by the central government to be key drivers for Puerto Rico’s new economy in alliance with the economic recovery plan. Cross Cutting Guidelines
Re-grow PR Urban-Rural Agriculture $100,000,000 This program will promote and increase food security island-wide, enhance and expand agricultural production related to economic revitalization and development activity. Cross Cutting Guidelines
Program Assignment Description General guidelines Program guidelines
FEMA Coordination $1,000,000,000 This program will provide the local requirement to match federal FEMA funding for identified projects, while alleviating the financial burden in Puerto Rico. Cross Cutting Guidelines
Critical Infrastructure Resilience $400,000,000 This program will fund the rebuilding, hardening, improving of critical infrastructure (roads, bridges, channels, healthcare facilities) across the island, making it more resilient, adaptable to changing conditions, and able to withstand and recover rapidly from disruptions caused by future disasters. Cross Cutting Guidelines
Community Resilience Centers $75,000,000 This program will create a known network of clearly identified and registered community resilience centers across the island to support communities during disasters with provision of critical functions and increasing social resilience. Cross Cutting Guidelines
Program Assignment Description General guidelines Program guidelines
City Revitalization $1,200,000,000 This program will establish a fund for municipalities to enable a variety of critical recovery activities aimed at reinvigorating urban centers and key community corridors to focus investments, reduce sprawl, and create a symbiotic environment to nurture complimentary investments from the private sector. Cross Cutting Guidelines
Puerto Rico by Design (PR Design-Build) $700,000,000 This program will host an international design-build competition to seek best-in class submissions, seeking innovative, transformative, high-impact, large-scale projects that will incorporate resilience measures and blend benefits across multiple sectors at reasonable cost. Cross Cutting Guidelines

* High Risk Areas

* LMI – Low to Moderate Income

* AMFI – Average Median Family Income