Citizen Participation

The goal of citizen participation is to provide all residents of Puerto Rico with the opportunity to participate in the planning and development of the Community Development Block Grant Program for Disaster Recovery of Puerto Rico (CDBG-DR).

The Puerto Rico Department of Housing (PRDOH) has been designated as the entity responsible for administering the CDBG-DR funds by the Government of Puerto Rico. Therefore the PRDOH developed The Citizen Participation Plan under Federal Register regulations and applicable requirements from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Under these guidelines, on September 21, 2018 began the public comment period (for 30 consecutive days, until October 21, 2018) with the objective that citizens actively participate sending comments and proposals to the Action Plan Amendment.

Within the public comment period, a series of public hearings were held from October 15 – 19, 2018, in the municipalities of Toa Baja, Guayama, Barranquitas, Manatí, Moca, Guánica and Fajardo.

The Action Plan Amendment published on November 16, 2018, contains the comments and proposals presented in the public comment period, with the corresponding answers and considerations

The Citizen Participation Plan of the Housing Department will continue to be updated as the programs develop. All comments made by the citizens are and will be welcome throughout the duration of this grant. To be able to contact us, you can go to our contact section, email:  or phone: 787-274-2527 ext. 6400 or 6421.